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                        Therapeutic Massage: 

This massage will focus on specific problem areas that need attention, while giving you an all over relaxation feeling. If you have backaches, shoulder and neck pain, headaches, muscle tension and fatigue, then this massage is for you!

Hot towels and aromatherapy used as needed

30 minute massage

60 minute massage

90 minute massage

2 hour massage

                      Therapeutic Energy Massage:

My 90 minute massage session will ease your tension, relax your body while focusing on your own body's natural energy field. Reiki is life force energy that is safe and effective hands on healing. You can experience emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. In combination with massage you will experience the ultimate in healing and relaxation.

Hot towels and aromatherapy are used as needed


                        CBD Infused Massage:

CBD oil delivers a calming and anti-inflammatory effect when applied to the skin. It has been long known the Cannabinoid/CBD oil has the ability to reduce inflammation, relieves anxiety, suppress muscle spasms, relieves chronic pain, & promote healthier skin and increase the blood flow to injured areas of the body. When you combine CBD with Therapeutic massage you will begin to feel relief from painful symptoms associated with arthritis and sports related injuries.  Find your happy place and wash the stress away that lead to depression and nervous system degeneration ( Green Compass CBD)


                          Energy Healing Session:

Reiki Energy Healing is a Japanese healing tradition that provides relaxation, stress reduction and promotes healing in the body in a deeper level.  Reiki Energy Healing is an amazing universal energy and most commonly used for local pain such as headaches, vertigo, earaches and sinus problems, but can heal internally for depression, anxiety, PTSD and your own personal healing. Laying on a warm bed wrapped in covers and pillows you will relax and enjoy as warm energy transfers from my hands onto your body and flow through your Chakra centers from your crown to the top of your feet.  Each hand position is held for a few minutes, and you will relax and enjoy the healing energy flowing through you.  

I have added my Amethyst mat for the ultimate relaxation experience

This session will last about an hour 

                                     Access Bars: 

The Access Bars are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head, storing the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. Declutter your way of thinking and refresh your own thoughts and patterns in life.

This session will last about an hour

                                Pre-natal Massage:

Getting a massage during pregnancy will not only help your aches and pains but also aid in some fear and anxiety you may be experiencing along the way. Massage will reduce your blood pressure, calm your nerves and help with complications during each stage of your pregnancy and delivery. Restore your body and ease back aches and shoulder pain while you relax and have " Me time"

Please bring your long pregnancy pillow if you have one

60 minute massage

90 minute massage


                                     Vacuum Therapy 

A very Gentle and non-abrasive session that will help loosen Up tight sticky Facia and scar tissue. This session also works great with Lymphatic Drainage.   Just like cupping it can help move the toxins out of your body and loosen up stuck facia off the bone and create space for your nerves to breathe.  The vacuum itself is very soothing and it will relax your nervous system. 


        My Office is located inside
                Ogden Family Chiropractic
                        6624 Gordon Road
                                  Suite B 
                      Wilmington NC 28411


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