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         Green Compass CBD
* Iso-7 Lab tested and certified
 (results on site for each product)
*Non-GMO, Organic, Seed to Sale
*Full Spectrum tincture( .03% THC)
*Isolate tincture ( No THC)
*Pet tinctures
* Massage lotion and pain patches

                   Juice Plus whole food products

What is Juice plus and why do I recommend it? We all know we need to eat more fruits and vegtables on a daily basis. Did you know that the daily recomended amount has changed to 9-13, and if your active and an athlete you should consume 16-23 Raw fruits and vegtables a day! That is a lot! Juice plus makes it simple and does the hard work for you. Taking 2 capsules of all 3 blends will get you 32 a day daily.  No more mess, buying or experimenting with juicing. We have the best Plant protein powder on the market, Dairy, Whey and gluten free! No chemicals, No Caffeine, Dyes or Artifical ingredients. The company has been around for 25 years and still standing strong. We also have 35 Medical Journals and more on going research that have tested Juice plus with Gold standard blind studies and a Placebo placed.   You can view them anytime.

Juice plus has a food label and not a supplement label.  We are vegan friendly, NSF certified and Kosher approved.

Have a Child? Kids are free on the Child study program up to 4 years! Ask me how! 

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